Our projects are diverse and include:

Project example: Stakeholder interviews and analysis
Client: NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet

Interviews with multiple key stakeholders relevant to the regional coordination unit of NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet. Analysis and reporting on outcomes to assist with performance improvement and stakeholder interaction.

Project example: Development options review
Client: Eagle Property

GoldbergBlaise have assisted Eagle Property in reviewing options for optimising property potential in key locations.

Project example: DA process improvement
Clients: Marrickville Council, Blacktown Council

Increasing pressure on the time taken to complete DA assessments has led several local councils to work with GoldbergBlaise to improve turnaround times and improve performance by applying a combination of both conventional and innovative strategies tailored to local circumstances. Marrickville Council received a ‘most improved’ award as a result of our being engaged by them.

Project example: Communications and stakeholder engagement methodology and protocols
Client: Transport for NSW 

With an increasing number of game-changing projects underway simultaneously in the Sydney central area, a tailored communications and stakeholder engagement methodology, with associated protocols and procedures, was required by Transport for NSW. GoldbergBlaise assisted with workshopping to develop the methodology, methodology refinement and development of a manual including protocols and procedures.

Project example: Workstream planning
Client: North West Rail Link

The North West Rail Link project is structured in terms of 12 workstreams, each of which addresses it’s own area of responsibility ranging from cost planning to urban design. GoldbergBlaise has worked with the leaders of each workstream to develop a workstream plan, and with the overarching management team to determine ways of getting workstreams interacting effectively and performing optimally in a high pressure environment.

Project example: Review of processes and procedures for the Metropolitan Strategy 2036
Client: NSW Department of Planning 

GoldbergBlaise assisted the Department of Planning  with a review of the processes and procedures that had underpinned development of the Metropolitan Strategy 2036. The review included interviews with internal and external stakeholders, and culminated in recommendations for improving strategic planning within the Department overall.

Project example: Stakeholder engagement
Client: Sydney Light Rail project team, Transport for NSW and Acciona consortium

GoldbergBlaise are assisting with stakeholder engagement workshops with representatives of major facilities and businesses along the routes. An innovative approach is being applied to this engagement, combining adult education techniques alongside community consultation.

Project example: Coordination of the Redfern Waterloo Integrated Urban Renewal Strategy
Client: Sydney Metropolitan Development Authority

GoldbergBlaise have recently been responsible for coordination of the DRAFT Redfern Waterloo Integrated Urban Renewal Strategy for the Sydney Metropolitan Development Authority. This strategy guides development and change in this politically challenging area in a way that addresses built form, social and cultural opportunities in a pragmatic and achievable fashion. The Strategy includes a Vision, nine strategy ‘platforms’ and an underpinning business case.

Project example: Blue Mountains Tourism Strategy
Client: Blue Mountains Council

Blue Mountains Council is updating it’s approach to tourism and seeking ways of facilitating tourism investment in the area. GoldbergBlaise together with the Stafford Group (tourism consultants) have identified new tourism trends and opportunities for the area and outlined an approach to planning and management for the Council designed to encourage appropriate investors, whose commitment to the area will also support local economic and employment objectives.

Project example: Panthers Penrith Masterplan
Client: ING Real Estate Entertainment Fund

Following their purchase of the Panthers property portfolio, ING Real Estate commenced a range of planning initiatives to optimise the value of various underutilised properties. The Panthers Penrith site, 69Ha in total, included large tracts of disused and underutilised land. A planning strategy was developed for the site, including a planning pathway that favoured approvals through Council rather than State Government. A Masterplan was then developed, supplementary studies prepared and approvals progressed through Penrith Council.

Project example: Style-at-Home Centre, Alexandria
Client: ING Real Estate Retail Fund

This project entailed working with both the INGRE Retail Fund and the management team at the Style-at-Home Centre, Alexandria to improve the property value by changing the mix of tenants as well as upgrading the centre itself.  To this end a strategy was developed for the Centre, the feasibility of planning approvals investigated and a process of working with new tenants developed whereby they were selected for their ability to upgrade the mix of shops in the centre, and assisted in submitting DAs as needed.

Project example: Analysis of submissions for the Coal Seam Gas Regional Land Use Plans
Client: Department of Planning and Infrastructure

GoldbergBlaise has analysed submissions to the Coal Seam Gas Scoping Paper and Draft Strategic Regional Land Use Plans on behalf of the Department of Planning and Infrastructure. Through this work we have developed a comprehensive understanding of the approach of all stakeholders to this issue, as well as the matters of concern to them. We have also developed new approaches to analysis to address the multimedia channels of submission, ranging from online comments to traditional written submissions.

Project example: Governance structures
Client: Project Delivery Unit, Department of Planning and Infrastructure

The Project Delivery Unit in the Department of Planning and Infrastructure is mandated to facilitate investment in NSW. The group reports directly to the Director-General and Planning Board and sought assistance from GoldbergBlaise in developing reporting structures, tools and templates to meet governance requirements and assist day-to-day management.

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